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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder Uppencamp- August 8, 2011

I miss Simon tons, leave the pictures of him on the memory card if you can. I miss you guys too, but I keep running into Shih Tzu puppies and they remind me of Simon. There are tons of dogs out here, practically everyone owns a dog. But I still haven't seen a moose yet. As for my plaque, I think I'll go with Alma 26: 35-36. And yes, I need a scripture case as durable as they come! Get Daniel back to the gym! That will keep him busy for a while, and have him fight Nathan. I promised Nathan I would fight him, but I never got the chance, so Daniel will have to beat him up till I get back. I can't lift like I used to, but we have a pull-up bar in our apartment so I have been able to do that. And I've been doing sit-ups and knuckle pushups, so I'll come home RIPPED. Glad to here Danny's getting better! Tell uncle Glen that he's next on my list of people to fight when I come home! And have fun at girls camp, have Rachel teach them how to punch properly. Arianne's wedding is Saturday!?!?! That's crazy! make a cardboard cut out of me so I can go to the reception, and tell Carter he's the man. LOVES AND PUNCHES, Elder Uppenham. (the memory card will explain the name, more or less.)

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