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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder U, Sept 5, 2011

Elder Owens is the man. He is more like a trainer than Nuttall was, he actually tries to teach me stuff! we have been working together well, and we're having fun. The place we are staying at kinda sucks, its the back room of a member who says that he was forced to have the missionaries live there. He took the lights out of our fridge and is a nazi about how long we can turn the lights on. He keeps telling us he is poor and on wellfare and can't go work, but then he says he is always to busy to clean his house or mow his lawn. He relied on his wife completely for cooking and cleaning and anything else he didn't want to do, but his wife died 2 years ago. The area is awesome but we bike everywhere, we have a truck but the elder before was going home so he went over on miles. and we are in a car share with the area next to us, so in 5 days we biked 40 miles. I am gonna have thunder thighs when i'm done here. I am sending a letter home with my address on it so you can use that, but I forgot it and I don't have it on me. send it quick as you can! my Scrips are getting beat up pretty bad out here. Daniel needs to get fighting again! at the rate i'm going i'll be able to kick through his chest in 2 years. Its awesome that Jacobs getting into it! I wish I had started that early, if he keeps at it he can be a pro in no time. And its awesome that he is in percussion, have you bought him a drum set yet? I got a package from the Davis's! They are the bomb, they sent some cookies and a tie and some pics of danny without his braces. So he punched the ocean, and that's how he broke his collarbone? Thats one of the manliest things i've ever heard! next he'll be growing a mountain man beard and hunting wolves. The selection of beards here is disappointing, I have yet to see an impressive beard in Montana. There is an Elder here who I can talk metal with! Elder Lee is in to the same bands that I am and he is in the district that we are in a car share with. There is a bunch of polygamists down here, they are a branch of of us from the 70's and the believe in the book of Mormon and the D&C but they think they are living the higher law, and that they have priesthood authority and we don't. It's weird and we can only go up to they're colony with the ward mission leader who grew up there. So this will be interesting. LOVES, Elder Moroni

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