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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elder Andrew - Aug 22, 2011

My comps getting better, He just needs to chill out about a lot of stuff (see Daniels email for details) he is like Bogey, ask Ronan what that means. I didn't get to label the stuff in the package, I didn't have time, but the 8 track player is for Ronan, the Silmirillion is for the Heims but tell them I want it back when I come home, and the record was for Daniel. Daniel can take the record player with him when he moves out as long as he promises to take good care of it and not scratch my vinyls, ESPECIALLY THE STAR WARS ONE! I have been out of money since I got out, so I have been budgeting just fine. It was the air plane that cleaned me out, that and I bought a nice knife on my first P-day. The allowance they give us is good enough even though everything here costs twice what it costs everywhere else because of the oil fields, but some extra money would be nice. It's crazy that he is moving out! Is he doing school yet or does he have to wait till the spring semester? He should go with Phil, that guy needs keeping an eye on. And Gabe is already leaving? For Logan!? What is he studying for? Jessie is in college, that's so weird. I'm not gonna think too much on that one. I'm freaking out a little bit about transfers. I kinda want to stay because the people here are awesome, but I kinda want to leave so I can see new people and get a comp that will let me learn what I'm supposed to. I just don't know! I'll go wherever I'm needed. Hugs & Headlocks, Elder Duke Tungsten (that's my leather jacket name) P.S. that's awesome about Sis. Crawford, I miss the ward so much! The ward mission leader is brother Carpenter and the second counselor to the Bishop is Thompson, so I wanna hug Carpenter and punch Thompson!

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